the team came up together with two mobile app prototypes in order to test and study the viability of nudging for positive behavior on a wellbeing context and also to analyse and compare mental perceptions versus explicit feedback on a tourism experience context.
the health prototype recovered the idea of the famous 90s gadget ‘tamagotchi’.
in our case, users were responsible to take care of a virtual hedgehog which state of mind and wellbeing was directly connected to several actions made by the user during the week.
users who opened the app everyday, who reached daily steps goal, who actively participated on social outdoor missions or even posted their meals or rated friends meals collected awrds for the hedgehog and mad him happy.
negative actions translated on a decline of the hedgehog that could eventually lead to his death.
the propotype made use of nudging and subliminal tips while exploring the positive aspects that social networks and peer-pressure can have on users (e.g. creating stimulus for outdoor group activities).
  • grow and take care of your virtual hedgehog
  • includes mental well-being and physical activities nudges
  • peer-pressure on a positive way
  • unlock items as you progress
  • social missions
  • rate meals photos
  • track your goals
  • tourism
    the tourism prototype faced the challenge of skewed ratings and reviews ontourism platforms. many times users quickly rate a service (a star-based system)but if one analyzes t he written reviews or digs more, one can find a great discrepancy between the star rating and real underlined feeling of satistfaction or unsatisfaction. this leads to unfair systems.
    the projet came up with a sentimental text analysis tool paired with a facemood trackerthat compared and weighted the results against the star rating in order to provide a more accurate review.
  • adds sentiment text analyzes to verify if positive or negative review
  • face tracking and face mood to detect emotion of a user
  • analytical engine that compares and weights the three variables in order to
  • provide a more accuratetourism experience review
  • tested in Madeira’s famous wicker basket sledge ride!